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We are 100% virtual. 

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Time Sensitive News

Our focus for the New Year is to remain safe, be true to ourselves, and continue supporting each other, all in a sustainable way.

The good news is our online and outdoor classes and events, as well as Vimeo, the video on demand platform, have all been well received and will continue.

Moving forward, we are making adjustments.

We have decided to release the burden the physical space has become during the pandemic. In fact, we are grateful to so many of you that said how fantastic our work has been continuing without four walls which is where we actually began – in a space without walls!

The beautiful space provided the foundation of the work we now do. But, we will be free from all the expenses, emotional turmoil that comes with shut downs, re-opens, masks wearing, no mask wearing, fear and exhaustion that has been the byproduct of operating a brick and mortar during this global event.

We’re human so all of this weighs heavily on our hearts.

Aparigraha. Non-attachment.

Yet, we feel light and positive about the future.

Those of you that have been practicing with us since the beginning of the pandemic will not notice much of a change. Media aesthetics will shift in the coming months as we search for a more user friendly registration platform than Schedulicity. But mostly, it’s Yoga as usual for you!

For those of you with outstanding Class Cards (it’s been 10 months!), email us (info@undergroundyogastudio.com) to receive:
* Access to our video on demand library thru May 31
* Instructions to join live classes using your class card through March 31

We will continue to hold virtual classes in the future,
but class cards will no longer be valid beyond March 31, 2021.

Remember, use the video library any way that serves YOU!
Put on headphones and just listen. Tune in for the dharma talks at the beginning of classes. And of course you can do the full practice, perhaps with puppies or children!
Choose to have your camera/mike on or off during a zoom class.
A home practice often looks different from the studio, and they are both sweet perfection.

Remember in the spring Open Air classes will resume. Those that prefer only classes outdoors can contact us.

We have postponed our October retreat as many of you still wish to come but only after we no longer have our health to be a factor.
Thank you to those that have made your deposit and are in agreement with postponing!
Something to look forward to!
A date will be set when this mess is in the rear view mirror.

If these past 11 months have taught us anything, it’s taught us that when we do the work we leave ourselves open to possibilities that will then lead us to a light that holds, supports, and embraces us with an abundance of fearless Self-love that radiates out beyond our reach to those that need it most.

Who knows what it will look like on the other side but, how fantastic we have each other to share this long and winding road with.

We would have it no other way.

Santoṣa… acceptance.