Virtual Registration Directions

As promised, we begin your interactive Underground experience Friday, May 1st on Zoom!

To join a class, you must:

1. Have a Zoom account, the free version works fine.
2. Register for THAT particular class because each class has its own password, and keep reading the steps below.

How do I find the new schedule and register?

There are 2 ways to register, on Underground ONLINE or download the Schedulicity app on your device that looks like this: 

When do I register for a class?

The window to enroll in a class is open until 15 minutes prior to the start of class, when each person registered is emailed the Zoom meeting ID and password for the class

After the window closes, you can text us at 570-534-0438 or email and will do our best to get you in. Please allow enough time to address any not-so-fun surprises, as you know we start on time.

How early can I enter the Zoom class (meeting)? 

We will permit entrance into the meeting room15 minutes prior to the start of class. Allow yourself enough time to get settled.
Please ensure you name is visible. Sometimes instead of a person’s name, there is a device name on the screen. For security purposes, we want to see your name.

I get into the meeting. Then what?

Hooray! You did it!
Choose if your microphone and video camera is on or off. 
Get your inner peace on!

New Virtual Memberships

We are excited to offer 4 types of “Mix & Match” memberships in the month of June.

1.  Unlimited live Zoom classes until the end of June, $36. Anyone in your house or barn or pillow fort can join in!

2. 1 live Zoom classes in June, $12. Anyone in your house or yurt or spaceship can join in!

3. Unlimited access to recorded class replays, $22/mo.

4. Rent a single class replay for 24 hours, $8.

Please note: Your virtual membership will not only pay for the technology it’s costing to bring you our classes, but it will build much needed revenue we’ve lost toward maintaining our physical space at Strawberry Fields Plaza.

Kindly do not share zoom login information. 

If funds are an issue to purchase a virtual membership, email us at to use your Zen Planner class pass which has been paused.

Ready to begin with a LIVE interactive class? Choose the first class you want to attend, then you will be prompted from there to select a membership or tune in to a single LIVE class!