Michelle Bybee

Michelle Bybee pic
Michelle did not come to yoga until her 40s and then only because she thought it would be an accessible form of exercise for her injured body.  She found that although the physical practice was indeed accessible and easily modified either for accommodating limitations or for finding challenging conditioning she also gained huge benefits in her own emotional well-being through practices of mindfulness. Additionally, she met a new community of like-minded people who supported each other on their journey through life.  She completed 200 hour yoga teacher training at Boundless Yoga in 2015 and has enjoyed the give and take in leading a class and witnessing the moments of self-discovery as students pursue their own yoga practice on and off their mats.
Michelle is passionately involved with the Transformation Yoga Project and the Shanthi Project. 
Michelle enjoys reading, writing, various creative pursuits, and committing acts of benign mayhem. She can often be found among the stacks of the library where she works or stomping about in her Tina Rex costume.