I’m new to Yoga

What do I need to know?

That you will be welcomed with open arms and we will make you feel comfortable.

What if I’m not flexible, or have some physical issue?

We meet you where YOU are! Saying you’re not flexible enough for Yoga is like saying you’re too dirty for a shower. All of us have something going on in our bodies! Old injuries, stiffness, wonky things we were born with or acquired over our lives. That is in part WHY you come to Yoga. As long as you have been cleared by your medical professional, come on in! Discuss any concern you have with the teacher to be compassionately guided through what your body needs. Trust us; this is what we do!  🙂

What do I need to bring?

  1. A mat if you have one, but you can borrow one of ours.
  2. Water bottle, or you can get water at the studio.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Do I need prior knowledge of Yoga or Meditation?

The short answer – no.

We remember walking into that first class and how intimidating learning something new in an an unfamiliar place can feel. We’ve been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and founded Underground to share it with everyone. Your body need not be strong or flexible, you just need an open mind and a willingness to try. Call/text us at 570-534-0438 or stop by before or after a class to speak with an instructor.

Which class should I start with?

*** This class schedule is for our physical center which is closed. Find our current schedule here. ***

Find descriptions of classes here. Or, simply try:

      • Gentle Yoga (M at 9:30 am, W at 5:45 pm)
      • Beginner & Beyond Yoga (M at 5:45 pm, Th at 9:30 am)
      • Yin Yoga (F at 9:30 am)
      • Chair Yoga (Sat at noon) – on hiatus until spring
    • Guided Meditation (see below)

If you’re feeling more energetic, feel free to try any class we offer! Arrive a bit early to get oriented, and note that we lock the door when a class begins.

I can’t sit still and focus for an hour. Can I attend a Guided Meditation class?

Absolutely! Most of us have difficulty sitting still in Meditation for an hour. In our Guided Meditation classes, we intersperse Meditation with discussions on a variety of topics that inspire that particular Meditation session. You have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. It takes time. You just may surprise yourself! Weekly Guided Meditation classes are:

  • Wednesdays at 7:15 pm
  • Saturdays at 10:45 am

Do I need to register early?

You can register online or just show up, allowing a few extra minutes to get oriented. While all choices are yours, we very much want each individual to land into a class where he/she will find success. We will take care of you.

Welcome to our Underground Community!

See you on the mat!

nicole and nadya rounded corners

Your Sanctuary awaits.