Guided Meditations – Video

Archangel Michael Meditation, we ask the protector and guardian to clear our paths. (24 minutes)

The 1st Goddess of Navaratri, Durga, the fierce warrior and loving mother inside us, helping us face fear and find our courage . (45 minutes)

The 2nd Goddess of Navaratri, Lakshmi, who brings beauty, wealth and abundance, both spiritual and material, helping to to find gratitude and craft our own lives. (42 minutes).

Kwanzaa inspired meditation, Day 1 – Unity, (10 minutes)

Kwanzaa inspired meditation, Day 2 – Self-Determination, (10 minutes)

Kwanzaa inspired meditation, Day 3 – Collective Work and Responsibility, (12 minutes)

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A Message from the Heart

One’s inability to contribute does not mean you can not tune in.
If you contribute $10 that does NOT mean you can’t view more than one class.

The tiers of contributions are a modest effort SOLUTION that WE are comfortable with to defray the continuing cost of maintaining our physical space while we navigate and share our on-line presence.

We are blessed that so many of you offered to help us and we felt this is a fair way to allow anyone that is able to offer support us through this crisis to ensure we can open our doors when we get the “all clear” to do so.

ALL contributions are 100% anonymous and 100% appreciated!