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Chair Yoga – Saturdays 12-1, from October 19 – November 23  (6 weeks)

The practice of Chair Yoga meets the student exactly where they are!
And EVERY body can benefit from a chair practice! This supportive style of Yoga to help lower stress & improve your overall sense of well-being, recover from an injury, build more confidence with balance and strength. Variations will be provided for all needs and abilities. (60 minutes)

Register for the 6 week series with a 6 class pass, or choose to walk-in for $15. Monthly & Annual pass holders are invited to participate but PLEASE reserve your spot; regular class passes may also be used.

Beginner & Beyond M at 5:45 pm / Th at 9:30 am.

A welcoming, non-intimidating class for those who prefer clear verbal instruction without too much Yoga jargon. Different versions of poses are explained so each individual can address their own strength, flexibility, and balance. Poses are introduced to meet all levels. Includes a short Meditation. The perfect place to kindly deepen your practice or to start from scratch! (75 minutes)

Yin Yoga WF at 8:00 am

Deep stretch. A slow moving Yin practice is the balance to a Yang (Hatha; heat generating) practice. The long held postures encourage bone easing away from bone, allowing an increase in circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. It addresses the connective tissues. Yin has been described as the training wheels for a productive meditation practice as Yin Yoga offers an opportunity to quiet the inner chatter and stay focused on the work at hand. (90 minutes)

Yin & Moon Flow – Th at 5:45 pm

Be guided through a grounding sequence to quiet the inner chatter from the day, ease through a Yin stretch, followed by an all level flow to prepare the body to be fully and completely supported in a Restorative pose before blissfully segueing into your final resting pose, śavāsana. Yin is the feminine, dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cool, introspective Moon & Earth-bound side; wet, with ascending energy. Yang…the more masculine, heated, Heaven-bound, dry, descending energy. Knowledge of postures is helpful as this is not a beginner class. (75 minutes)

Group Guided Meditation – W at 7:15 pm / Sat at 10:45 am

Be skillfully guided with breath work and visualizations to quiet the inner chatter, reduce stress, and go deeper into your true essence. Appropriate for all experience levels. (60 minutes)

Warrior FlowSat at 9:15 am

Awaken your inner warrior by embracing both modern and ancient Yogic teachings. Tone the body, calm the mind, and feed the spirit. Be prepared to move, sweat, and laugh in a joyful community. Although this class is open to all levels, this class varies in intensity and a basic knowledge of the postures could be helpful to receive the full benefit. (75 minutes)

Sweet Sunday Flow  Sun at 9:30 am

A Hatha (physical) practice bridging the opposing energies of hot & cold, light & dark, movement & stillness. Pulsation is the balance that we will work toward in the beautifully, compassionately sequenced class. Accessible to all levels as modifications will be offered. (75 minutes)

Gentle Yoga – M at 9:30 am / W at 5:45 pm

Ideal for any level practitioner who seeks a nurturing, softer approach to movement. Build strength and balance in this welcoming, slow-paced, relaxing class. A beautiful experience for the mind, body and spirit. Modifications are offered for all needs and abilities. (60 minutes)
Mini-Meditation is offered for 15 minutes with our compliments immediately after class, all are encouraged to stay in our final relaxation pose and be guided through a calming meditation. 

Breathe & Flow – Tues at 5:30 pm 

Come ready to open the body, leave empowered and feeling strong. Practice synchronizing breath and movement to clear the mind. Modified for an individual’s ability. All level accessible.  (75 minutes)

Chair Yoga – Sat 12-1, from October 19 – November 23  (6 weeks)

Build strength & increase flexibility practicing this supportive style of Yoga to reduce stress & improve an overall sense of well-being. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re recovering from an injury, seeking more confidence in your balance, or have always been curious about Chair Yoga. (60 Minutes) 

Open Level Yoga – W at 9:45 am

A movement class that encompasses different aspects of Yoga including breath, alignment, and meditation. Awareness of Yoga is helpful but Underground’s all inclusive teaching style will make even the most novice of Yogis comfortable.  (75 minutes)

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