About us

Welcome to Underground Yoga Studio.View More: http://jmcdphotography.pass.us/nicolenadya

We are Nadya and Nicole, co-founders of UYS,  inspired by this community to create a sanctuary for healing and growth.

Our focus is multi dimensional; just as our logo represents.

Here at Underground Yoga, we’re going to go deep… together.

Let’s get our hands dirty so that our individual journeys are that much more rooted and connected to the awe each moment brings…

A sanctuary where we are less concerned about where we are going and more about celebrating the moment we’re in.

And if you’re not familiar, Nicole has a wicked sense of humor, so we’ll get to chuckle almost as much as we may get “the feels” here. (Not that Nadya doesn’t have a sense of humor but, her sensitive side tends to drive her creative, but welcoming spirit!)

Here, it is with great humility we offer the following:  “It’s not so much about balancing on one leg but, more about standing on our own two feet.”         ~quote from Nadya’s meditation book coming out soon!


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Your Sanctuary awaits.