Teacher Training

Unearth the possibilities.

Taking your practice deeper has never been more accessible, inclusive and compelling.

We practice to tap into our true essence and in the process, shake loose what no longer serves us; we KNOW this!

But, when we roll up our mats, the benefits linger… and you may find yourself thirsty to inquire and expand on all those qualities…. just as we were and continue to do so. Nadya & Nicole have made Continued Education a cornerstone of their Yogic path and are creating a means to bring to you all that is right with honoring the tradition of Yoga that the Universe has gifted us with.

reiki 2 training with Jude goode

Reiki 2 Training on Saturday, February 22.   Ms. Jude is trained in the Usui method. Those that have been blessed to be read by Her or received Reiki from Her agree that She is a Master that far transcends that of any one energy modality.

restorative yoga teacher training

Stay tuned for the next dates!

Nadya believes RTT speaks to every facet of teaching.
She says, “In fact, I can’t possibly stress enough how incredible the Restorative Training weekend shifts everything for you, both personally and as a teacher or health care provider, your students… and the abundance it brings to your own life.”

The training is hard work, but it’s a full weekend that will find you motivated and inspired.

This in-depth module is not just for teachers that intend to focus on Restorative Yoga exclusively. Underground Yoga welcomes anyone whose job promote self-care, or is highly motivated to learn about their own path of self-discovery, or simply feels compelled to participate more deeply.

The manual that you will receive as a part of your training is based on over 20 years of Self-care, continued education, and living and serving the community that Nadya has dedicated her practice and Teachings to.

We can’t apply what we don’t know.

This teacher training is a 25 hour comprehensive immersion designed to give the current teacher or serious student a deep dive into the techniques and practices of Restorative Yoga.

Course Includes:

ॐ Training Manual.
ॐ Physiology of the nervous system and stress response.
ॐ Application of the Kosha Model to navigate the practice to completion.
ॐ Exploration of physical, mental and emotional aspects of how RY promotes healing.
ॐ Meditation principles applied in RY.
ॐ Proper alignment and modifications.
ॐ Creative hands-on assists.
ॐ Exploration of postures for different populations and students with limited physical abilities.
ॐ Creative use of props.
ॐ Practice Teaching.
ॐ Productively responding to students’ emotional responses and releases.
ॐ Mantras & Breathing.
ॐ Lecture and discussion.
ॐ The business of RY.
ॐ Required reading and prep will be provided upon registration.
ॐ Certificate of completion.

Nadya Matychak brought Restorative Teacher Training (RTT) to the Pocono’s in 2011 after many years of training and study with incredible Teachers and students.

This course culminates with one of Nadya’s signature RTT teaching tools; Trainees assist teaching (very grateful) students during a class that is open to the public. You will have hands-on experience with “real” bodies before leaving with your Certification!

The 25 hours of immersion includes a required 2 hour preparation for a future 2 hour workshop to co-teach with Nadya. Note that you are responsible for arranging the workshop with Underground Yoga.

This course may be taken for Yoga Alliance CE hours or as an immersion for Self study & a deeper understanding your practice.

Please let us know if you have questions by emailing info@undergroundyogastudio.com.

Yin Yoga teacher training

Yin Yoga is based on traditional theories in Chinese medicine and ancient Taoist philosophies that assert the body has natural circulating patterns of life force, qi (pronounced “chee”), or prana. As we release into supported Yin shapes, we stimulate the meridian channels (pathways) that run through our internal organs.

This quiet, yet powerful practice finds ourselves in stretches with long holds, stimulating the deeper connective tissues and fascia. Over time, our Yin practice slowly eases restricted range of motion relying on gravity and our individual body structure while diving deep using visualizations and breath work.

Similar to massage and acupressure, Yin shapes stimulate growth and healing by engaging pressure points.

In this workshop you will:
* Receive an Intro to Yin manual
* Discover the balance of our heated, Yang Yoga (Hatha) practice.
* Study corresponding organ & meridian pathways.
* Familiarize yourself with Yin shapes (poses) with practical implementation.
* Explore anatomical variations to modify shapes to individual students and how it relates to compression and tension.
* Learn effective sequencing to prepare a Yin class and workshop.
* Learn to finesse Yin shapes into your mainstream classes and personal practice.
* Consider the relationship between Chakras and a Yin Yoga practice.
* Fine tune our language and define a neutral and sacred space for our students.
* Have the opportunity for theory, Yoga philosophy and universal discussion relative to that of Yin Yoga.
* Practice Yin Yoga & teach Yin Yoga.
* Receive a certificate of completion.

This workshop is part of the requirements to register for the designation of RYT500, under Yoga Alliance. (For teachers who already hold their RYT200 designation.) These workshops will also be open to the public – not just yoga teachers who are taking the full course!

Check back for 2020 Yin Teacher Training dates at Underground! Sharpen your teaching skills by attending workshops specifically designed for Yin Yoga teachers. We stay connected and learn from each other!

200 Hr foundational teacher training

Think about joining us for a fully comprehensive, Yoga Alliance recognized 200 Hour Teacher Training program that will transform your practice, feed every one of your senses, and prepare you to propel your journey and give you the heart-opening, compassionate and accredited training that is like no other.

You will have the opportunity to take this training as an immersion or, with certification for teaching purposes.

More info to follow.