Tea with Community

Part of the Dig Deeper Series

Tea with Community

A sangha.
A circle of beautiful minds from all walks of life discussing a topic of interest.

This series was born out of a desire to delve deeper into different parts of Yogic philosophy. What do these ideas mean? How do they enhance our daily  lives? What is the connection?

Story telling, discussions and casual, compassionate exchanges of ideas and opinions IN PERSON are a lost art.

We laugh, we cry, we feel, we rejoice.

Community can breathe new life into our spirit, hearts & minds, so please consider joining us!

Feel free to bring your favorite tea cup, or mug or use one of ours.
We’ll have many different kinds of tea available.

Please arrive on time so you can prepare your tea, create your nest for the hour as our discussion will begin promptly.

You may swipe your Yoga or Meditation class Pass.
*This is not a part of the Monthly/Annual Unlimited.

This is a philosophical discussion only, no asana.
Dress comfy & cozy.

A Tea will be scheduled soon! Check back!

Past Topics…

Ganesha, the Elephant Boy: Ganesha was a sweet young boy that protected his mother until fate served him a severe setback that ultimately became his strength. His resolve teaches us we are not meant to side step life’s misfortunes, but to embrace them.

To thine own Self be true:  We’ll discuss why wearing false masks is all too easy, how to welcome Sankalpa (a solemn vow onto your own heart) onto our path. How to step into GOOD energy without incurring guilt.

Our Quantum World: Guest Dr. John Elwood, physicist, addresses our community’s BIG questions! Can quantum theory shed any light on our Yogic practices? What is the connection?

Grace in Social Activism:  In today’s political climate, it can be challenging to have respectful discourse with those we agree with, and perhaps more importantly, those we don’t. We need to talk and we need to listen. Yoga teaches us how to connect with others while staying true to ourselves.

Kali, Part 2: Symbolism for self-empowerment. Kali’s image can seem disturbing, so how can it be useful to us?

Aparigraha:  Letting go of that which doesn’t serve us. Discuss tools to help us focus on and off the mat when we still love those we no longer wish to be part of our life journey.

Kali, Part 1: Dig deeper to awaken your inner goddess through stories of Kali, the fierce warrior.