Kids & Prenatal

family yoga!

All ages and levels come together to experience this joyful, fun practice. Teacher Nicole tells inspirational stories as we breathe and move together.

Self-expression is encouraged, but children will not be allowed to run around, so this class may not be suitable for every individual.

Please contact us to understand more about Family Yoga: text/call 570-543-0438 or email

$25 for a family of up to 3 people, then $5/per person. Please contact us if you have more than 5!

This class is offered monthly. Next class – Saturday, January 25 at noon.

prenatal yoga – contact us for details of the next seesion

All trimesters welcome!
Learn safe and effective mind-body exercises for a healthy pregnancy.
Meditation, breathing exercises, and Yoga & Pilates-inspired exercises work together to build strength, reduce stress, and recover quickly from childbirth. Our series beginning May 4 includes henna adornment!

Please note pregnant students are welcomed in all mainstream Underground classes with appropriate modifications growing bellies. We are happy to answer questions and recommend a class best suited to you as an individual. Text/call 570-534-0438 or email

yoga babies

Birth to pre-crawlers. This early life phenomenal bonding experience finds new Mom’s looking into baby’s smiling eyes as we move through Yoga poses designed for the postnatal (or anyone’s! ) body. Baby gently feels and explores Yoga movements safely with Mom’s help that can release air from baby’s tummy and build skills needed for crawling. Sure to put a smile in Mom & Baby’s hearts! Any caregiver is welcome to attend with baby, if not Mom.

kids’ yoga

Yogis aged 2-5 years go on Yoga Adventures, learning age appropriate Yoga poses, breathing exercises, and Meditation… tools your little angels will be able to apply well into their school years and beyond. Adults are welcome to join in on the fun, or sit on the sidelines and observe. With registration for the session, Mom or Dad receives one complimentary adult Yoga or Meditation class!