Dance between our Inner & Outer Worlds

In our most recent Tea with Community, our philosophical discussions digging deeper into topics of interest, we discussed Grace in Social Activism. How can we have productive discourse with those who may not share our world view? Does Yoga have any useful tools? (ummm, YES! Don’t worry if you missed it, we will circle back to the topic in the fall!)

One of the things we touched on during the fascination discussion is an idea from the Bhagavad Gita, the beautiful dance between focusing inward during meditation and actively living in the world. How are they connected? The answer makes perfect sense! We find action in inaction, and find inaction in action. What?? I’ll explain.

“Inaction” refers to going inside and listening to our intuitive hearts, perhaps during a meditation practice. To an onlooker, the stillness could appear to be inaction.

“Action” refers to Karma Yoga, using all the activity in our lives (work, relationships, hobbies, etc.) as selfless service in order to bring us closer to our own hearts.

During meditation, loud inner chatter quiets, inviting intuition to bubble up. Intuition sometimes presents itself as clear ideas to our minds, and sometimes it is more subtle. Deep listening is necessary. We get better and better with regular practice. Intuition leads to our next course of action.

While we are engaged with the world, we maintain our “inner poise,” according to Swami Karunananda’s book, Awakenings. We choose actions that maintain our inner peace, keeping our actions and our hearts/intentions in harmony.

Meditation and working in the world go hand in hand. We cycle back and forth between our spiritual world and our material world. When they are harmonious, we feel a profound sense of peace and purpose. We can enter into social interactions with open hearts, seeing us all as connected to each other, seeing truth, rather than through the cloudiness of anger or frustration. We become a powerful force for peace in our world, living in ahimsa.

Om Shanti, friends.


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