Are we Superheroes?

Yes. We are. We all are. Wait- how can that be?

We look around at people doing things we think we can’t.
You may think “I am nowhere near a superhero, I can’t stay on a diet for a full week, or volunteer every month.” Sometimes we look at other people who are doing something wonderful that we think we can’t. Perhaps they gave up fast food, or meditate regularly.

I look at my Teacher Sheryl Edsall and she is AWESOME. You may remember Her and Her husband Neil (my other AWESOME Teacher) from our Puja ceremony at Underground’s grand opening celebration this summer. She walks the Yogic walk. Beyond impressive. Every minute of every day, every interaction with every person, every choice She makes. She lives her beliefs. Is she normal or does she have supernatural abilities? It is easy to believe She is somehow special, thereby absolving me from the responsibility to make better choices. Don’t I need special abilities to make decisions more in line with the person I want to be? Turns out, nope! Each of us have it in us. That is a ton of pressure, isn’t it? Sounds like it, but remember the goal is progress not perfection. Do what you do with love, love for yourself and others. Yoga helps us make the connection. Come find out how! We will be exploring these ideas in class this week.

Om Shanti, Nicole.

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